Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bathroom Renovation Continued. 2

False Wall Frame being fitted
Ceiling being removed

Things are still moving with the bathroom renovation and it's getting more exciting.

All the plumbing is officially complete. All the pipes have been channelled into the wall and covered with mortar ready for plastering and tiling. The toilet has been permantely plumbed in and the false wall is making good progress. The main frame of the false wall has now been constructed and is in place, before the wall is complete the frame for the shelves need to be fitted and then plasterboard fixed. I would like to say that then we are ready for plastering and tiling but no! This weekend we decided to change the lighting so I have now designed a Complete new lighting plan which involves taking down the ceiling, re-wiring the new lighting and fixing a new ceiling in place. So, while dad finishes the false wall this week I am searching for the lighting! Therefore we have extended the renovation slightly but it will be worth the wait! I absolutely cannot wait to lay in my finished bathroom, with the new lights dimmed, some candles and a glass of White!
If you want to see the story leading up to this stage, take a look at the links below!

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