Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Project: Chest of Drawers

Evening friends!

Tonight I have been doing some tidying around the house, I really need to sit down and finish my bathroom drawings and start drawing the floor plan and furniture plan for the mood board I created recently, French inspired bedroom as we are going ahead with the project - Yay! But I am a little organise freak and I cannot relax knowing my home is not tidy enough! So I am trying to create some order at home before I start drawing tonight!

As I was tidying our bedroom I kept thinking "I really must start renovating my last pieces of furniture" Our bedroom is a french shabby chic inspired room and for a long time I have wanted to paint my wardrobe, we have also been donated an old chest of drawers which I am planning to paint too but I keep putting it off.  So I thought, I'll start a new blog feature called projects!

Projects will be a feature about my home and the 'projects' I undertake to complete my home! Not only do I hope to give you some inspiration but it will also mean I have to be true to my word, I will actually complete some of the tasks I have set myself! It is a win win situation.
So, to start I will give my chest of drawers a fabulous make over. The picture above is before...... look out for the after pictures! Coming soon :0)

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