Thursday, 16 June 2011

Abigail Edwards

Another day, another magazine for me to swoon over beautiful interiors, have a sneaky peek into other peoples homes....... I am afraid to admit that I love looking at other peoples homes. I sometimes find myself looking through open windows when I'm out and about walking! Please don't tell me I am alone in that!

As I was looking through my magazine today I came across the above wallpaper which is super cute and birds are everywhere at the moment, the designer was Abigail Edwards and I couldn't resist looking into her a little more so Googled Abigail.

Can you believe that all her wallpaper designs are hand drawn and then printed at one of the few remaining traditional wallpaper printers in the UK. They use a very smooth style of printing which keeps the details of the original illustration. Absolutely amazing, I think you'll agree.
Abigail Edwards offers interior styling, design and consultancy. Her website is filled with images from her favourite shoots and her illustrations among other things. I have featured some of her illustrations from her website, they seem 'magical' don't you think? To see more to go:

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