Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Kitchen Lighting Tips

One of my current projects is a family kitchen extension. We are extending the existing kitchen and incorporating both dining and lounge areas.

If you are thinking about or redesigning your kitchen, I cannot stress enough the importance of lighting. It will transform your room.

As I am frequently asked about lighting, here are my top tips for kitchen lighting to help you make the right decisions.

1. Use different light sources
Ensure you use different light sources at different levels in your kitchen. Lighting has different purposes so consider what you'll be doing in your kitchen first and foremost and where it will be happening.
Spot lights are perfect over counter tops and for areas that should be well lit to prepare food and cook/clean, pendants and wall or table lamps are ideal for dining areas creating a softer and more atmospheric light.
The combination of lighting will be functional and create interest and focal points within the room.

2. Zone your lighting
Zone your lighting so that you can operate different areas independently. For example, when you're eating dinner, you can turn off the lights highlighting the overflowing sink and create a more intimate dining atmosphere. Depending on the size of your kitchen, lighting could work as follows and all working independently to one another.
Kitchen spot lights
Breakfast bar pendants
Dining table pendant
Lounge lighting

3. Dimmer switches
My top tip of all. I strongly encourage you to use dimmer switches in combination with the above in your kitchen. In addition to the zoning of areas, you then have the power to control the overall feel in a room, and rather than plunge areas into darkness, you can create a softer general light.
4. The power of three
As with everything in design, always work in odd numbers. If you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen, 3 hanging pendants are very stylish, not to mention practical, making much more impact than one pendant alone. With dining tables I may use one statement pendant rather than three pendants, my choice will depend on the style of the room and other light sources used but it will be just that, a statement, a focal point. Again, using different light sources, sizes and types will create interest in your kitchen.

{Images: Pinterest, deVOL Kitchens, Humphrey Munson}

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hanging Terrarium

Feeling inspired from last nights post, indoor plants, succulents and terrariums?

Want to know where you can buy your own terrarium from?

Well, here are my top picks and details on where you can purchase them from.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Indoor plants, succulents and terrariums

{Image: Wildwood}

Indoor planters and terrariums are HOT right now.

Whether it's succulents, potted herbs or seasonal planters, indoor plants are back, and I love them.

I will always incorporate fresh herbs and planters into the kitchen, they are a match made in heaven. They serve a double duty for both styling the kitchen and actually serving a purpose - cooking! 

I like to keep kitchen design simple and these are a fantastic way to introduce colour and style with minimum effort but maximum impact. Especially when you work in numbers - 3's or 5 in a row! They're also a great alternative to flowers, which while beautiful, and I'll have all over my home, can cost a small fortune when replacing on a weekly basis.

So, what do you think? Will you be putting your green fingers to work and potting some succulents for your home this weekend? Side note: They will need very little attention and you can grow them easily!

{Images: Pinterest}

Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to create a Modern Interior

With much confusion over modern and contemporary Interior Design, hopefully I can give you an overview of the difference between the two and how you go about achieving a Modern home.

{Images: Pinterest}

Contrary to popular belief these are not one of the same style and the terms cannot be used interchangeably. Contemporary design refers to design which is a popular trend, right now, ever changing, and not fixed to a specific style. Modern design on the other hand is unchanging and fixed to an era, eventually evolving to Mid Century Modern or ‘Retro’ as it may more commonly be known today.

Come on over to The Utopia Hub where I'll look at some of the key elements of Modern design, and how you go about create a modern home, just click here.

If you need any more guidance into Modern Interiors please feel free to contact me

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How to Identify Interior Design Styles?

Ever wondered how to create a particular style at home, what are the current styles or perhaps felt unsure about which style suits you and your home? 

Over the next six months I’ll be writing for The Utopia Hub and covering this exact topic, looking in depth at five Interior Design styles and helping you understand how to recreate them before the final post ‘How to identify your style’ so you can transform your home with confidence. There are many more styles out there and more being created so this isn't a definitive list, but a guide to some of the most popular.

My specialty area is Modern Country Interiors, so naturally this is where we start our style guide journey.

To read my full post on creating a modern country home, click here.

If you need any more guidance into Modern Country Interiors or indeed, Interior Design in general, I am happy to help and you can contact me here:

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What colour front door for my house?

Having recently inspired you (I hope) with Modern Country front doors, I have been asked to send some of my tops tips over to Door Deals so that they too can help their customers when choosing a front door colour.

If you're interested to learn more about choosing a front door colour, the rule of front door colour and not only my top tips but those of other designers, then head on over, just click here.

While we're at it... My house has finally started its transformation. Last month our decorator started work on all the doors and windows. We're almost finished and what a difference it has made. Why did I wait so long? Hoping that when I get home, we're another window closer to completion.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Website & Branding!

Did you know that I have launched my new website?


Well, why don't you go and have a look.

With a new brand - Laura Adkin Interior Design and style to boot, this is a very exciting time for me.

I'm also working on some very exciting projects so keep an eye on my blog and I promise to keep it updated with everything that is going on, right now!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Modern Country Front Doors

March... Thank you for bringing sunny days with you.

With the arrival of Spring, I feel inspired to jump outdoors with my Modern Country Home series. For me, the sunshine has brought somewhat premature thoughts of giving my cottage a facelift, it has looked a little tired over Winter and finally, painting all the window and door frames. I have the colour chosen, all I need now are a few warmer days to complete the work.

The front of your house is the first thing anyone sees when they arrive, so extend the same love and attention to the outside of the house as you would the inside and let's not forget when summer finally arrives, you'll want to spend all your time in the garden and can reap the rewards.

*Tip. Painting your doors and windows can have a huge impact on the style and appearance of your home, for a low cost transformation.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Modern Country Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to unwind at the end of the day. Somewhere to eat breakfast in bed with Sunday papers, a place you can hide under the duvet on a wet and windy day or bury your nose in a novel. Regardless of your interior taste, your bedroom should be a zone of tranquility and calm.

Keeping this in mind, I would encourage anyone to use neutral colours in their bedroom using different tones and a gentle pallet for finishes and accessories to create an interesting room.

To create a Modern Country bedroom, introduce some rustic charm, use wicker, natural or worn wood, big wool throws, keep large baskets with extra blankets for those cold nights and pair this with silk cushions, modern lighting... Again, it's about creating a balance between modern accessories and the warmth of old, vintage pieces.

Images: Pinterest

Friday, 30 January 2015

Modern Country Bathroom

Happy Friday friends, hope you've had a productive week?

Seeing as it is Friday, lets keep things relaxed and informal and do I have the perfect room for this. The bathroom!

Now, because it is Friday, do you really want to read me telling you all about combining textures like wood and ceramic, mixing old and new creating a balance for modern country living? Or, would you prefer some inspiration in the form of images, something to ogle, no thinking required?  Yeah, let's go with the images, easy like... Friday evening! And if you really want to know more, see my previous blog because the rules still apply or do feel free to drop me an e-mail, I am always happy to help;

Image: Helen Green Design

Images: Pinterest

Are you starting to see a theme, combining classic and modern for perfectly balanced modern country living? 

Don't forget, you can find more inspiration over on my pinterest page or contact me on facebook. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Modern Country Living Room

Having recently blogged about modern country kitchens, I thought you may like to join me on a little journey through the home while I share more inspiration with you. So, next up, the living room.

To create a modern country living room you need to try and balance the original features and traditional with clean lines and modern finishes.

Try combining textures and pattern, wood, wicker, leather, cotton...florals, stripes, checks with a muted colour pallet. To keep it modern, don't try to use every pattern and texture, the same with colour, use complementary colours or restrict your pallet and use different tones of the same colour instead of contrasting colours. Keep it simple and elegant.

Ensure you're mixing luxury fabrics with the traditional, silks and suedes with cotton. Use contemporary patterns alongside a ticking stripe. Combine modern finishes against classics. Clean lines against the original brick fireplace and beams, if you're lucky enough to have them.

Here's a little inspiration to help you get the idea...

Images: Pinterest

If you would like more advice on creating a modern country home, perhaps help with mood boards or sourcing products, you can contact me at

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Happy New Year!

Don't you find your home looking a little sad once Christmas has finished, the tree removed for another year and all the lights packed away?

Well, I'm certainly feeling it! So, I have a plan.

Before Christmas, our living room was coming together but one element that is not complete, is the lighting.

*Tip. Every room should have different layers of lighting. There are three main types: ambient, task and accent lighting and you want a mixture of all these sources within a room, how many light sources within one room will be determined by the size of the room itself.

Not only does our room need additional lighting layers but I need a feature piece. I've been searching for something that ticks all my boxes and thought i'd share some great finds with you all.

Porta Romana


Andrew Martin


If you would like to know more about lighting sources, require some helpful hints and tips you can contact me at