Thursday, 20 August 2015

Indoor plants, succulents and terrariums

{Image: Wildwood}

Indoor planters and terrariums are HOT right now.

Whether it's succulents, potted herbs or seasonal planters, indoor plants are back, and I love them.

I will always incorporate fresh herbs and planters into the kitchen, they are a match made in heaven. They serve a double duty for both styling the kitchen and actually serving a purpose - cooking! 

I like to keep kitchen design simple and these are a fantastic way to introduce colour and style with minimum effort but maximum impact. Especially when you work in numbers - 3's or 5 in a row! They're also a great alternative to flowers, which while beautiful, and I'll have all over my home, can cost a small fortune when replacing on a weekly basis.

So, what do you think? Will you be putting your green fingers to work and potting some succulents for your home this weekend? Side note: They will need very little attention and you can grow them easily!

{Images: Pinterest}

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