Thursday, 30 June 2011

Inspirational Work Space

We have a traditional 2 up, 2 down Victorian terrace which is not big enough for an office so we have encorporated one into the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is just another room which requires work before it is 'perfect' so for now we are making do with what we have! However, the decoration of the bedroom always made me feel uneasy. I think the problem was that we had a very modern feature wall and modern furniture and I was going against my heart, my style! I am more of a homespun girl, shabby chic, you know what I mean!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been locked up in my spare bedroom working on a design for the National Design Awards Competition 2011 (This will explain my lack of blogging recently which I am really missing!) And I found I could not work with such a  busy feature wall opposite my desk - I needed something inspiring....... So, I got out my paintbrush!

I painted my wall and shelving white and have started building a mood board on the wall, it is filled with all my ideas, drawings, things that inspire me - I love it! The bedroom is not quite complete but this is a big step forward and I can finally work in a space which inspires me! When I have some time, I'll get some photos!

These are a collection of some work spaces which I love - They have inspired me and I hope they inspire you too.

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