Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bathroom Renovation

 Me & my safety goggles ready to start!

One of my very first blog posts was about bathroom designing. You may remember me mentioning that I was currently re-designing our bathroom at home, it has only taken 4 years and a toilet leek but we have finally started work.

I thought it might be quite fun to let you all in on our renovation. Yesterday we had a new bathroom suite delivered and it is looking fantastic I cannot wait to have it fitted! Firstly, I want to see the back of the existing bathroom and secondly I am not sure how long I could live with a bath in my kitchen!

The past 2 nights I have worked extremely hard removing all the tiles from the bathroom and I was absolutely determined I would finish last night, good news, I finished! All that's left before we can fit our new suite is to remove the remaining plaster and hopefully we will finish this job tonight.

The bathroom layout is remaining the same, it is only a small space so not much room for design changes, however we are building a false wall behind the toilet in the alcove and having a back to wall toilet. We are not losing any space but gaining storage from the integral shelves I am having built into the false wall. We are having the new bathroom plumbed in Saturday & Sunday and then all that remains is for our builder to come and fit the false wall, plaster and tile. Then of course, the fun part, finishing touches!

I will keep you up to date with our progress over the next couple of weeks, including images of my designs and the finished bathroom.

If you need inspiration designing a small bathroom see my previous blog back in March, 'Bathroom Designing'
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