Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Awards Gala

I know some of you really wanted to see a picture of me and 'The Dress' after my previous blog and my dress dilemma so here it is, a picture of me and my dashing husband at the awards gala, you can tell it was late on in the night, the bow tie has been removed!


  1. The dress looks lovely on Laura you look gorgeous. Will you guys be going to the Casino night at the Purple Mango in august. i love an excuse to get all dressed up & I like to see these men in a black dickie bow :)

  2. Thank you Sarah. That sounds fun, I haven't seen anything advertised? I do too - and I agree about the men, so handsome :0) x

  3. Theresa should know about it, its organised by Elaine from Thebestof & Paul Donno. I went last year was a good night x