Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bathroom Renovation Continued

Trying the new bath!

Bath & Sink removed
I left my last blog post explaining how the bathroom was being plumbed in that very weekend, well 2 weeks later we are still going! I should mention at this point that my dad is our plumber, there is nothing this man cannot do! However this restricts us to working weekends only, combined with the fact that we chose a shower that was rather difficult to fit it has taken longer than we first anticipated.

So after lots of hard work, mainly on my dads part, the toilet has been temporarily fitted ready for the false wall to go in, which means we have a working toilet, phew! The wall has been channelled, shower fitted, this being the hardest job taking more than a day and the bath is plumbed in ready to go! Dad also offered to channel all the sink and toilet pipes into the wall and I am not going to say no, therefore this along with fixing the sink remains the final job before fixing the false wall, plastering and tiling. Even at this stage I can see how great it is going to look finished, even now it looks better than before and much larger since we removed the nasty green tiles! Interior design is amazing! Such a transformation of a small room.

Toilet removed
We are not doing any work on the bathroom this weekend as my dad is already working but that gives us some time to go tile shopping and I cannot wait. Another step towards our bathroom being complete! I'll keep you posted on how that goes, it is going to be easier than dress shopping surely!

Hope you like the photos of our journey so far. If you want to catch up on our bathroom renovation story take a quick look at my previous blog posts!

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