Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Dress

As some of you may be aware I have been hunting for a dress for my best friends awards evening on Saturday night! Well, I thought I would share with you all the dress that I have finally ordered after what has been quite a difficult time and my story. I am sure there are some ladies out there who can sympathise with me.

I am a very awkward shape! I have an hourglass figure and as some of you may well be aware the fashion industry seems to only cater for skinny girls who go straight up and down. I have hips and a small waist, I do not have a model figure and this creates many problems. Everything that fits my hips is massive on the top and anything which fits my top is too small on the bottom, so much too my disappointment shopping is not always a fun time for me. Perhaps this could explain my love for interiors and home shopping, never do I experience my heart breaking when something is too big or too small, it is always perfect, I am never let down, never feel insecure, always makes me feel better. Shoes do the same! Always a perfect 6!

I ordered a beautiful evening dress online (against my better judgement) after much humming and arming on which size I should purchase and if it was fitting for the occasion, eventually I took the plunge. The dress was delivered today, I was so excited I had to try it on at work and slipped it over my work clothes in my office. My excitement was short lived. It fitted perfect on my hips and was about 2 sizes too big on top.

My husband had the great idea we could go late night shopping in Cambridge, although it would mean throwing all my evening plans out the window! But, what choice did I have, I would work around it. We met in Cambridge, had a coffee to catch up on our day and then started looking for the perfect dress. I found it! But, once again it was too big. Damn! We continued looking and I found another beautiful dress, this one was too short though. Determined we were not going to give up hope and after a quick gym session when we got home I jumped on the computer and ordered it online, next day delivery, a size smaller. Time will now tell if it is perfect or not! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll let you know how I get on!

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  1. hope you all had a good time, I hear Theresa cleaned up well with the awards once again, sheas going to need a special display cabinet soon. Did you wear the dress? pictures please xx

  2. She was amazing, a real inspiration. I have now uploaded a picture of me and 'The Dress'