Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hot Trends 2011

After visiting the Ideal Home Show on Saturday it just reiterated what I already knew about this years hottest trends in interiors...... and I am going to share these secrets with you!!

Bright & Bold
This years hottest trend is all about bold, vibrant colours and patterns. You may not realise but interiors follows the fashion world, so if you are ever unsure about what's hot and what's not, just look to fashion! Start with neutral walls and floors and then introduce one dominant colour and then introduce a standout accent, we are talking red and bright pink, indigo and bright yellow. Bright colours love bold patterns, look out for the hot geometric designs and oversized florals.

Blast from the past!
With everyone concerned with the recession we are all looking back to when the days seemed easier!! Taking inspiration from the 50's with streamlined pieces in teak and rosewood mixed with graphic print textiles you can create a nostalgic feel in your home. Functional and stylish.

After Darkness
Deep and rich...... this is not for the weak among us.
Coating walls in indigo & dark blue, mixing furnishings and flooring in the same shade with luxurious metallic accessories. Keep window treatments simple to let the light flood in and use mirrors to reflect this light. This look is sure to create an impact, cosy and sumptuous.

Vintage Glamour
Our most sophisticated trend and the very same as my own bedroom!
Pale, warm tones of buttermilk, caramel and blush with plenty of textured accessories and mirrors. Added luxury in the way of silk and satin upholstery and throws...... Vintage, romantic, glamourous, timeless elegance!

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