Monday, 7 March 2011


If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

I am a dreamer! Although this has not always been the case. I met my now husband, Jamie while we were at school, we are the very definition of high school sweethearts and before he came into my life I did not have a clue what direction I was taking, possibly university to study criminology! As it turns out, I did not leave home, convincing myself that I could at a later stage take an open university course, if this is truly what I wanted. Instead I applied for a job working in a factory and it was Jamie who pushed me to try for more, so I interviewed as a receptionist in a hair & beauty salon in my town and got the job! After this and spending more time with Jamie my hunger for success grew.

I've changed job roles a couple of times, always going for higher, bigger & better and 4 years ago I settled in an office with some fantastic people but in my heart I always knew there was more, I wanted something different, I wanted to own my own business……. and I loved design!

With Jamie's gentle push I studied a beginners Interior Design course at Hills Road, Cambridge and my obsession with all things interiors evolved! I loved it. I am obsessed. How many girls do you know that buy hairspray to fix drawings? And I love shoes but my god I enjoy shopping for fabric and furnishings, dare I say it, even more than clothes - you would understand if you had my bum!!

Last year I enrolled on a professional Interior Design course with the National Design Academy. At the same time I was working full time and planning our wedding, I was absolutely determined I was going to complete the course before the wedding and I would not settle for anything less than the highest grade, to be honest I was hell to live with.  But I had a dream and I was not going to fail. I completed my course in 6 months while most take anything up to 2 years. I knew what I wanted to do, I knew I had to own my own business in interior design…… And guess what, that dream is coming true.

This year is going to be massive, and who would have thought it could get any better than the last! I am so excited, I should probably be in bed right now, getting some much needed beauty sleep for work tomorrow (and I should also be in the gym before work) but I am buzzing, and again had to write my first blog, I could not wait.

So my blog will cover my life, it will be my diary. I am working full time, playing wife to an amazing & inspirational husband, starting up my own interior design business, starting a degree and now blogging! I also need to maintain some sort of social life…… Sometimes I feel like superwomen but that is all women in general, we are all super, we just need to find the fire inside, that thing that drives us forwards towards our dreams, because believe me, they do come true!

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