Thursday, 10 March 2011

Leap and the net will appear!

As part of my blog I wanted to tell the world about starting my own business, in the hope that I can inspire even a few young people to chase their dream and to start their own business.

The initial start up so far has been very smooth and problem free with very little investment to date. I created my business name while working away and alone at dinner, all the best ideas seem to involve dinner! I must have written 50 different words and the very last one was Dream Box, when my husband saw the name on my pad the next night, he said that was it! My business was born. Immediately we checked the name on the web and bought and I started setting up my business pages on Facebook and Twitter, social media is most definitely in my opinion, the future, I am amazed at what you can achieve and how many people you can reach and connect with. My business cards were then designed and ordered and a family member studied web design at Uni so he is designing my website – I am very excited and cannot wait until it is ready to go.

The next step was to start designing & a family member requested my help with their living room, which was great as I need to build up my portfolio. They are a family with 2 small children and the brief was for a relaxing space for the parents with a study area. Initially they requested red for the colour scheme but due to colour psychology I explained this may not give them the relaxing environment they wanted and instead suggested a calm and serene blue. I created 2 mood boards, one red and one blue to give them the option and they choose to go ahead with the blue design. I have created a coloured furniture plan and sourced all the new furniture and soft furnishings for them, along with a detailed budget, all that is left is to decorate and they are hoping to complete later this month. Below you can see some of my work and when the room is completed I will be sure to upload some before and after photos. Since designing this room, they have asked me to design the conservatory and I have another job set up!

I cannot believe how well everything is going and the fantastic response from everyone. I am also under no illusion that from now it is going to be extremely hard work but I will not give up. I am determined and dedicated, I know what I am working for and that always helps, a clear goal in mind! If you have an idea, do it. "Leap and the net will appear" and if you never try, you never know!!

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