Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cute Corner Office

Another blog post inspired by another new friend.

This time we are looking at creating an office in a corner of your home, somewhere you can write, type and be creative. Where the desk and work isn't the focus in the room but rather compliments your existing design.

Tonight I have been looking at the classic bureau. A piece of art which doesn't age. A piece of furniture which is not only functional but beautiful. As soon as you have finished work for the evening, close it up. No would would ever know what was lurking behind closed doors.

Help your office integrate into your room and add some finishing touches. Now I know the below aren't all bureaus but I particularly like the idea of adorning the desk with some of your favourite accessories, a simple hanging heart, adding family photos or postcards and images that inspire you, a mood board. A collection of flowers or books.

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