Friday, 2 December 2011

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas...

Driving home from work, there are houses with twinkle lights glistening. Walking around a supermarket, Christmas songs are playing. I cannot help but have a silly smile on my face.

This past week I have been baking. A lot.  I have started hanging fairy lights in every room and making cute Christmas decorations for my new Dream Box Home venture, it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Here are some inspiring images from my week.

A treat for my husband when he arrives home from work.

Fairy lights hanging from our mantle - after we tore off the old surround and found beautiful bricks behind and fitted with wood.

A special gift of homemade biscuits.

After having my new cookie cutters designed especially to hang on the side of a cup/glass I couldn't wait to use them........ and my new stencils!

Fairy lights along our bed and my own handmade padded heart.

More Dream Box Home designs.

Be warned, this blog is about to overload with festive fun. It all starts this weekend, Christmas tree hunting, baking, chutney making, Christmas movies and hopefully lots of inspiration for you!

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  1. oh wow, I love all of your little Christmas crafty treats! Especially the fabric decorations and star cookies! Where did you get your cutters made? Fabulous!

    Enjoy tree decorating xx

  2. Thank you Gemma.

    Cutters are from the Jamie Oliver at Home range, there are a few different ones in the pack - Cannot wait to make more biscuits with them :-)

  3. I am loving your hearts Ive been making some with my step daughter not quite so neat & pretty as yours but they will still be hanging on our tree. Did your husnand grow & shrink like alice in womderland hehe (love that film) xx

  4. I love making them :-) Such a nice thing to do with kids - bonding time :-)
    Hahaha, maybe more growing with the amount of cookies i'm making. xx

  5. Hello Lovey. What a Beautifully festive post... its got me soooo excited about Christmas now. Hope you are well. Stu xxx