Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cold Days & Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Today I am feeling a little guilty. I am very conscious of the fact that we are still in November but my Christmas spirit took hold today. This is absolutely my favourite time of year so I figured why not indulge a little?

I set Michael Buble, Christmas to play and got creative. I had a plain black Ikea frame (above) which has been sat in our loft for far to long so I decided to paint the frame white and create a christmas mood board for my work room. I love the end result (below) it brings extra joy into the room and every time I see it, I smile.

Then I decided it was time for some baking. As the fog took hold outside I was quite happy dancing in my kitchen, twinkle lights glowing, to the sounds on the stereo (well, Ipod actually but doesn't stereo sound more fitting?) mixing together double chocolate chip cookies. Once they were baked and cooled, not too much as you still want them to be gooey inside I snuggled down with a new magazine, a cookie and hot chocolate. Heaven, wouldn't you agree?

I'd love to know what you have been up to today and what do you do when in the Christmas spirit - next on my agenda is making jams and chutneys! 

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  1. wow! huge amounts of yummy for not only the cookies, but for the mood board! so lovely! The fabrics and colours are festively fab :)
    Stu x

  2. Thank you, I've had so much fun with these today. Can you tell I love Christmas..... I think my blog is about to get a whole lot more festive! ;-) xx

  3. YAY! I ger far too over excited too Laura! just you wait... December, my posts are gonna be soooooo OTT! hahaha. xx

  4. Fantastic news - Now i'm excited....... Get posting Mr
    ;-) x