Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Holly Becker - How To Create A Mood Board

On Sunday I spent the day in London visiting the Decorex International Trade Show. While I was there I managed to sneak away and pop along for a 'Mood board how to' with the famous Holly Becker of Decor8 at Anthropologie.

Holly was joined by Interior Designer Abigail Ahern and stylist Leslie Shewring, between them sharing their pearls of wisdom for creating mood boards and their importance in our homes.

Holly concentrated on mood boards which created a feeling, an overall 'mood' which "made your heart beat a little faster" a mood board which did not have to contain the finer details such as a specific chair or fabric that was going to be used. Instead pinning inspiration to the board including magazine cuttings, paint swatches, fabric and a special painting from one of her trips overseas which was the spring board for the entire mood board.

Abigail on the other hand showcased a rather spectacular and professional mood board, a mood board which was actually for one of her clients, featuring rendered drawings, specific fabrics and furniture. It was great seeing another professionals work and their presentation, I am always learning!

At the end of the presentation I got to meet Holly. I cannot tell you how nervous I was at introducing myself, what do you say anyway? But the first thing she said to me was how beautiful my hair was. Wow. What a lovely lady. I blush at the slightest compliment so I can assure you I was rather pink! But by the end of the conversation I managed to pluck up the courage for a photograph, slightly geeky? Perhaps. But I wanted to share with all you guys!

I really hope I have the pleasure of meeting Holly again one day!


  1. Well you do have absolutely beautiful hair! How exciting. I was supposed to go but I wasn't feeling well so had to stay home in bed... So bummed I missed it. Are you going to post a picture of your mood board?

  2. Awww, thanks :-)

    Oh no, are you feeling better? What a shame we didn't get to meet. We didn't design any mood boards while we were there but was great to see how Holly & Abigail do it!! I love seeing others work. They were fantastic. x

  3. Oh that's how it worked. haha I thought you were all doing mood boards :P

    Yes it is a real shame would have loved to meet you.