Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn Inspiration

I am in no doubt that autumn has arrived. Grey skies, cooler weather (boot and jumper weather in fact)  red and yellow leaves......... But autumn is absolutely my favourite season, I love it and am embracing it! Sorry sun lovers!

What is not to like about autumn, except possibly the weight gain (in my case anyway) due to warm, homemade, heartfelt food! The big chunky throws to snuggle up under, watching a great movie with a big mug of hot chocolate, filled with cream and marshmallows! (You can see why I gain weight can't you?) Sofas adorned with big plump cushions, homemade apple crumble (there I go with the food again!) with custard of course!

Images: Pinterest

Long walks. Wrapped up in wooly jumpers and socks! and the perfect afternoon sat around a log fire with friends. 

These are a collection of things which make a perfect autumn for me and hopefully some inspiration for you.


  1. love the images (i used the first one myself last week- i want to be snuggled there) i love autumn too halloween fireworks & my birthday yippy. i love the gorgeous colours of autumn & the chance to snuggle under cosy blankets & not feel guilty

  2. Except that autumn is not just a month, as stated above. It's a full season. I agree that it's wonderful.

  3. @Sarah: Thank you :-) I completely agree, I don't feel guilty either snuggled up!!!And it's such a welcoming time of year!

    @Anon: Aha, thank you for spotting that....... season!!!

  4. This looks so warm and inviting :)

    Thanks for visiting!


  5. I know, I want to climb in my computer!!!! :-)

    You're welcome. x

  6. I love how in every Living room image in like every magazine or online blog there is never a television in the room, Id love to have my living room like the 2nd or 4th image but then how do we wathc telly...any IDeas guys..?

  7. I always find the same thing! And I love the rooms with no TV! Some homes have 2 reception rooms so one is a TV room and the other without, you'll find that not all rooms are photographed so it isn't always what it seems! I am planning to have my TV set on a unit with shelving above so the TV disappears into the alcove of books!
    Another idea would be for a bespoke unit which the TV fits inside so you only open when ready to watch or a more high end option, TV Mirrors! Google this one and you'll see what I mean. x

  8. Yeah there all great ideas...Mayvbbe I need a bigger sitting room. I love how 2 couches face each other and that they have a table in the middle.. But then we may have problems watching telly and the hubby wouldnt be to pleased..every day he come home, something is changed around lol
    Dont think us women will ever be just happy with a room..