Friday, 30 September 2011

Decorex 2011: Andrew Martin

My last blog post was a highlight of Decorex and I mentioned that there was one stand that I was particularly drawn too. I absolutely loved Andrew Martin. I could have stayed in there all afternoon and easily spent thousands for my own home. Oops. The husband wasn't too impressed.

You all know my style by now, I'm a lover of wood with an addiction to crates, ladders and suitcases. And then I saw them, my beloved suitcases. I fell in love. They also had the perfect sofa, again for me!

I found there furniture a cross between classic design but there was most definitely a quirky, retro twist. Love, love, love it!

What was the highlight for you this year at Decorex?

Little Greene/Alsans Furnishings

There was so much to see and there were some other stands which caught my eye including Little Greene, And So To Bed (The most stunning beds, bigger than me! And they also had free ice cream, I say no more) Alsans Furnishings (luxury at its best! you may have seen them on my previous post too) Plus too many more to mention. What a great show!

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Decorex International 2011

This was my first year visiting Decorex and I can assure you it will not be my last! For those of you who could not visit here is a little insight. And my favourite parts............

The theme for this year was 'cherished places'. We all need a cherished place, somewhere to escape the daily struggles, to let our mind become free of everyday stresses and strains and Decorex certainly had plenty of contributors to help us create our 'cherished places'.

The different lighting stands absolutely took my breathe away, I'm like a little magpie drawn to all the big sparkly lights! The design of some of the lights were incredible. And the image above left, as soon as I saw this particular design, I knew exactly who created this work of art, Roast Designs. Unique and beautiful, not something you will forget in a hurry! And I can't tell you how happy I was finding the fabric swatches and wall coverings, it was heaven. I had to touch everything! I couldn't stop myself.

There was one stand in particular which I was rather drawn too, I have deliberately not mentioned them in this post but I have plenty to show you in another!

There was so much to see, walking around the 2nd time I found things which I missed first time round, and there were so many seminars which I would have loved to attend but I could visit 1 day. I feel like I missed so much, especially when Twitter friends were tweeting from the show. I was jealous. Next year, I'll allow another day.......... or 2! I could have stayed forever, but even in flat boots my little feet gave up!

I hope you find some inspiration in these images for your own cherished place!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Holly Becker - How To Create A Mood Board

On Sunday I spent the day in London visiting the Decorex International Trade Show. While I was there I managed to sneak away and pop along for a 'Mood board how to' with the famous Holly Becker of Decor8 at Anthropologie.

Holly was joined by Interior Designer Abigail Ahern and stylist Leslie Shewring, between them sharing their pearls of wisdom for creating mood boards and their importance in our homes.

Holly concentrated on mood boards which created a feeling, an overall 'mood' which "made your heart beat a little faster" a mood board which did not have to contain the finer details such as a specific chair or fabric that was going to be used. Instead pinning inspiration to the board including magazine cuttings, paint swatches, fabric and a special painting from one of her trips overseas which was the spring board for the entire mood board.

Abigail on the other hand showcased a rather spectacular and professional mood board, a mood board which was actually for one of her clients, featuring rendered drawings, specific fabrics and furniture. It was great seeing another professionals work and their presentation, I am always learning!

At the end of the presentation I got to meet Holly. I cannot tell you how nervous I was at introducing myself, what do you say anyway? But the first thing she said to me was how beautiful my hair was. Wow. What a lovely lady. I blush at the slightest compliment so I can assure you I was rather pink! But by the end of the conversation I managed to pluck up the courage for a photograph, slightly geeky? Perhaps. But I wanted to share with all you guys!

I really hope I have the pleasure of meeting Holly again one day!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dressing Room

The blog post is dedicated to an old friend of mine.

She has recently convinced her husband to allow her to turn the spare bedroom into a dressing room! Every girls dream!

Her brief was something antique, classy with cream and pinks and room for sleeping!

I have gathered a selection of images which I hope will inspire my friend, and also incorporated a beautiful day bed, not only great dressed as a sofa to sit and try outfits but also functional for when friends come to stay for the weekend.

I particularly love all the different ideas for storing all your worldly possessions! The cake stand below is displaying candles but will look equally beautiful with jewellery draped across or with beautiful perfume bottles! I am a sucker for display trays, jars, bowls!.........  you can use anything, the list is endless, cups or the more traditional trinket boxes.....!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn Inspiration

I am in no doubt that autumn has arrived. Grey skies, cooler weather (boot and jumper weather in fact)  red and yellow leaves......... But autumn is absolutely my favourite season, I love it and am embracing it! Sorry sun lovers!

What is not to like about autumn, except possibly the weight gain (in my case anyway) due to warm, homemade, heartfelt food! The big chunky throws to snuggle up under, watching a great movie with a big mug of hot chocolate, filled with cream and marshmallows! (You can see why I gain weight can't you?) Sofas adorned with big plump cushions, homemade apple crumble (there I go with the food again!) with custard of course!

Images: Pinterest

Long walks. Wrapped up in wooly jumpers and socks! and the perfect afternoon sat around a log fire with friends. 

These are a collection of things which make a perfect autumn for me and hopefully some inspiration for you.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Holiday Inspiration

Hello...... I am back home and to my beloved blog! I have really missed you guys and blogging!

Autumn has welcomed us home after a fabulous holiday in Antigua with my husband. But, before I immerse myself in autumn (not that I am complaining because believe it or not, autumn & winter are my favorite time of year) I wanted to share one last beautiful, summery, Caribbean inspired post!
So on this miserable, rainy, September day, I'll be sitting back, closing my eyes and remembering all the inspirational, bold and vivid colours from our wonderful Caribbean holiday. I hope this post brings a little bit of sunshine back into your afternoon!