Thursday, 13 June 2013

Moving House

Happy evening all,

So, exciting news....................


A dream that we didn't expect to happen for a few more years yet! And we've been mad busy the past couple of months with it all! So much paperwork and we were still completing building work when the first viewers came so had to complete this work too but everything is now progressing nicely and hopefully next month will be the big move.

It was a complete accident, we weren't looking to move, we were still working on our current house but it came up, we went to visit and fell in love! It was a whirlwind from there, we thought what's the harm in having our house valued and within ONE WEEK had sold it!

So, do you want to know a little more?

We're moving into a cottage, original features included, out in the sticks. Perfect, a dream come true. The current owners have restored the house beautifully so all we need to do is decorate and settle in.  And there's more................
Dream Box Interior Design will have her very own studio. Yes! A studio! Out in the enchanting garden which after visiting last weekend has sprung into life, filled with colour and offering a new adventure for Bobby Cat. Here are some sneaky pictures..............
Country Life
I have some exciting ideas for the new Studio and Dream Box, I cannot wait to share them with you after the move.

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend, I'm wishing I was already in the new house, pottering around the garden and BBQ's with friends and family, instead, we should really think about packing!


  1. This is so exciting! I'm so thrilled for you my dear, what a journey! And the studio looks absolutely gorgeous xx Congratulations and good luck! x

  2. So beautiful place. So lucky you are. I like your website too.. grate shades & motif. | Psychologist NJ

  3. Oh my god I'm moving in with you!! what a beautiful place to work I can see you being so creative here, its simply stunning I am so excited & happy for you Laura xxxxx

  4. Thank you ladies, as I type this I am waiting for confirmation that the move will be going ahead next week! Very excited and hopefully it will create some great new blog content. Hope you're all well. x