Saturday, 20 July 2013

Garden Entertaining

Yes! Hello weekend, time to kick back and relax. With all the great weather I've been feeling inspired and after 'designers block' have had lots of ideas for the interior design of our new house and this includes the garden. So, now seems like a great idea to share some tips on garden entertaining and my ideas for my new garden, even if the sun is currently hiding.

Treat the garden like you would any room of your home, with love, consideration, colour, pattern, texture................

Create a magical environment as dusk falls with different light sources, my favourites are fairy lights, lanterns and jam jars filled with candles and a tip from Abigail Ahern, an old candelabra suspended from a tree or similar but filled with candles rather than bulbs! What a focal point.

Be creative with tables and 'dress' them with as much care as the dining table - it transforms a space in the drop of a hat. Add layers and finishing touches with flowers, candles, whatever takes your fancy.......

I plan on developing not one seating area but two or three, a practical seating area, where friends and family can gather around a table to eat and a squishy, comfy area for resting after you've consumed too much food and drink - we all know that feeling.

Happy sunny weekend. Here's hoping the sun returns here soon. x

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  1. I have been feeling all inspired today I have found a brilliant lantern tutorial & have just ordered some English Rose paper to make them. Im ready to bake scones, butterly cakes & Victoria sponge & have a quaint little tea party.

    I love the images simply stunning, hurray its summer xxxxxxxx