Thursday, 11 April 2013

One Day Projects: Brightening up your Bathroom

Need some bathroom inspiration, look no further as Helen has got some solutions for you....................

So your bathroom’s looking a little tired and you want to freshen it up - but you don’t need a complete refit because the bathroom suite was bought to last and it’s still in good condition. Simply adding some streamlined storage and refreshing your decor is a straightforward way to update a bathroom that’s fading through overuse. And when I say straightforward, I mean it - one day of hard work might be all it takes...

Begin by planning your new look. Spend a bit of time on this: make a mood board if you have loads of ideas, as this will allow you to figure out which of your favourite colours, patterns and textures will work well together. And plan your decorating day, too: knowing in what order to tackle all the tasks you want to complete will make the job much easier.

On ‘the day’, a couple of coats of paint might be all it takes to refresh that dated decor. Get your first coat on as soon as possible so that, even if you end up needing three or four coats, you’ll be able to get the last one done before you put your feet up in the evening. Tile paint and stick on tile ‘tattoos’ will brighten up tired tiles, and don’t forget to refresh your grout lines with a grout pen.

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If you’ve got bathroom furniture, you can give your wooden cabinets an overhaul by sanding them down and re-waxing, re-staining, or painting their surfaces; modern melamine furniture, meanwhile, can be given a new, up-to-date finish in record time with some high gloss spray paint. And the finishing touches are just as important: treat your cabinets to some new (or ‘new to you’ vintage) handles - it takes mere minutes to change a few handles, but the results can be striking.

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To add some pattern to your bathroom try wall stickers, stencilling, or adding feature wallpaper - bright, bold designs are great for adding a decorative punch to an alcove or other small area; something a little more muted works well if you plan to paper more of the room.

I loved the pictures Laura recently posted of her bathroom renovation because the touches she highlighted are exactly the things I think can make a huge difference. Storage in particular is vital, especially in a small bathroom where the tendency to clutter is all the more obvious......... and let’s face it, few of us have bathrooms that are as large as we would like!

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Built in storage space is ideal if you’re starting from scratch or don’t mind some disruption while work is in progress - but it’s outside the scope of our one day makeover. Adding a simple shelf with some storage baskets or boxes to keep all your grooming products neat and tidy, and within easy reach but out of sight, can make a world of difference to a space that currently feels cluttered and overused.

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And for that final injection of personality in your new space, try adding some wall art. At  better bathrooms, we’re huge fans of personalising a standard bathroom suite with small ‘non-bathroom’ touches. Either buy ready made prints or have a go at designing your own - something like the ‘life is a beautiful ride’ artwork that Laura highlighted recently would look great in a bathroom - it’s not too overpowering but it’s fun and would go with a range of decor styles.

This article was written by Helen Davies who is a keen blogger, Pinterest addict and freelance writer. 


  1. Love those door pulls, especilally the dotty one :)

  2. Me too - I have one similar to the first image but in Grey on my units at home. x