Friday, 3 February 2012

Colour psychology - Blue

Hello my design lovelies, I recently started a monthly feature with Finishing Touch Interiors and incase you missed my blog with Sarah last week, you can also catch it here a week later.

My first blogging series will take a look at colour psychology and how it can affect you and your home.

The very first step I take with a client is to go through a consultation to learn more about them and there home, how they want to use the space and how they want their home to make them feel. It is during this stage that we also look into colour. What colours do you love? which colours do you dislike? How do you want to feel when you enter the room? Relaxed, revitalised, energetic. Every colour can impact your mood and emotions and therefore it is very important to chose the correct colour. I am going to start looking at all the colours of the rainbow throughout this series and this week it is all about blue.

Blue calms the mind, represents the ocean and the sky stirring feelings of tranquility, peace and even security. This would explain why blue is a hugely popular colour, at the end of a hard day you want to relax in a calm haven, a place to unwind. This colour can work with any design, if you want a modern decor then look towards a dark navy or if you are a lover of shabby chic, a soft feminine blue hue similar to the images above will work perfectly.

Remember, your home should be somewhere that you want to come back to at the end of the  day so it is worth taking the time to look at colour and the psychology. Treat yourself as a client, ask all the important questions and create a dream home.

Images: Pinterest

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