Saturday, 25 February 2012

Painted Stairs

Happy Weekend everyone, hope you've all had a great Saturday.

I been a little bit crazy today! While my husband has been at football, I decided to start a new project in the house........ and have completely ripped up the carpet on our staircase! Eek!

Before & After

But, never fear, I have it all under control! Husband might say otherwise! The carpet needed replacing this year anyway, darling Bobby Cat got his claws into the carpet when he was a kitten so it was destroyed, plus the fact I hate it! I decided to do a little investigating this afternoon and found some nice wood underneath. Not perfect, there are paint splats and dark paint borders down the steps but I think I can save it.

I have managed to remove all the carpet grippers, nails and staples and it is ready to sand. I already know exactly what I want and thought I'd share my ideas with you.

This has proved to be extremely cost effective, now we don't need to splash out on a new carpet and it is going to save me so much time hoovering because that carpet was absolutely awful to hoover!  So, if you need some new ideas for your stairs, here are some more inspirational images.

Have a great day.

Images: Dream Box Interior Design, Pinterest


  1. Hmmmm, you may just've inspired me to do mine. Our two kittens have trashed our carpet. I fancy wall papering the risers and leaving the rest stripped. Chances of clumsy 4 year old falling down uncarpeted stairs - high.

  2. Kittens, just because they are adorable they think they can get away with anything, I feel your pain :-) Ohhh, if you do, you must let me know, I want to see pics :-) x