Thursday, 19 January 2012

Preview Property Services - Interior Design

Who would like to see a sneak preview of my most recent design?

I was tasked to design Preview Property Services, an estate agents. Before any of the official photos are taken I wanted to share with you one I took earlier.

Originally these were two very small rooms, one room housed a unit with kitchen utensils and a fridge and the other a very small office, in order to make a larger office space ideal for meeting clients we knocked through the partitioned wall. We removed the ceiling with a view to fit a new one until we discovered the original vaulted ceiling, it is always a dream when you uncover hidden beauty such as this and even though keeping the vaulted ceiling on display would mean rewiring the whole room and new lighting, there was still no competition. We also discovered original floorboards once the old carpet was lifted and after some TLC, I think you'll agree that they look stunning. The room also had to incorporate the fridge, microwave and other kitchen utensils so I designed a bespoke unit to store and conceal all of this. It was such an exciting project and I am thrilled that we were able to uncover some history within this wonderful building.

Watch this space and I can show you the complete design from concept to reality.



  1. Yes I remember very well taking down that partition wall. I still have a bad back to prove it. Looking good now!

  2. It certainly was worth it ;-) Hope the back is feeling better now. x