Monday, 9 January 2012

Mood Board Challenge - Man Cave

Hello and welcome to the first mood board Monday challenge!

A design friend recently asked me if I wanted to be part of her mood board Monday challenge for her blog to help inspire others. Of course I said yes! Every Monday throughout January Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors will be setting designers including myself a mood board challenge and will be posting the mood boards on her blog for all to take inspiration.

Mood board challenge 1 - Man Cave
You can take a look at the other designs here.

Sarah is also hosting a special Open challenge on 6th February to raise awareness for breast cancer. This challenge is open to everyone with all experience levels, If you would like to participate take a look here.


  1. Love the theme 'man cave'!! Great moodboard. Is that a Barcelona battered leather chair? If so it is also welcome in my woman cave!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you :-) It is an Andrew Martin 'Garcia' chair. I absolutely love Andrew Martin!! this would be welcome in my cave too :-) x