Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I Love Barn Doors

Hiya! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, an e-commerce website that features top home decor trends from across the globe. I've been a subscriber of Martha Stewart since before I could read and I have always loved interior design, so you can imagine how excited I was when I got this gig and could write about home decor for a living! I get inspired by great blogs like Dream Box, and I can't thank owner Laura Adkin enough for letting me guest post here today. Thanks Laura!

I love barn doors. They're rustic and full of personality, and somehow they seamlessly mesh with any space and any home decor design. They can be used to replace existing doors, as a room divider, as a piece of wall art, or even integrated into furniture. Here are eight more reasons why I love barn doors.

Old with a twist

Barn Doors
This refurbished barn door has been mounted onto a modern-day track system, and can easily slide open to reveal a butler's pantry in this traditional kitchen.

Pulling double-duty

Barn Doors
Another barn door on a track, this time the barn door acts as a partition to separate a kitchen, pantry, as well as a home office. The painted brown wood of the door matches the cabinetry.

At the head of the bed

Barn Doors
Like an accent wall, wall art, and a headboard all in one, these reclaimed barn doors give this mod bedroom a touch of dated past.

Worn and weathered

Barn Doors
Although this barn door has clearly had a bumpy life, it becomes the centrepiece of this kitchen when surrounded by fun chalkboard walls.

Trusty tabletop

Barn Doors
While this barn door was once used outdoors, it becomes a unique coffee tabletop indoors, lending a shabby chic feel to the space.

Call of the hall

Barn Doors
Double barn doors become the perfect room divider and slide open in a dramatic way to reveal a formal living room. Home accessories like an antler chandelier and bold striped rug complete this wilderness look.

Red and inviting

Barn Doors
A sleek red barn door and wrought-iron hardware come together in a distinctly industrial way, adding visual impact to the space.

Nice in a nursery

Barn Doors
A barn door provides the perfect backdrop for a retro baby's room, and has been mounted with a light fixture as well as a beaded banner.

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What's your †favorite barn door? Comments are welcome! Get over to Arcadian Home Decor for more home decor to match your favorite door!


  1. Cool post! Lots of great ideas, some I've never thought of! Especially the tabletop. Thanks for the inspiration!
    x Liivi

  2. Nice post! I'm glad it worked out well for you!!

    Best Regards,

    Taylor Wilson

  3. Lovely post, it would be so nice to have a home large enough for a barn door ;-)

    Just found you through Twitter :-) xo

  4. Thank you , I love these doors too and as my house is also too small so I'm being creative with pallet wood instead :-)
    Please come and say hello on twitter........ Xx