Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Etsy Art

My living room has a wall designed for art! A 'relatively' large white space, where art can stand out, say 'hello, look at me'! And while on my hunt for the perfect rug for this room I've also been thinking about what I want with regards to art work! I know it will be a collection, a mixture of artists, styles and photos. And I know that Etsy has some amazing artists! If you haven't yet come across Etsy, where have you been? And shame on you! Not only does Etsy connect you to fantastic items and shops but it is all handmade or vintage!

Images: Etsy

Images, left to right:
1. Vintagraphy, Beautiful ride typography poster
2. DomesticNotions, typography poster
3. DallowayPlace, typography poster
4. etchedandsketched, modern art bird print
5. WhatsNew, ballerina pencil drawing
6. Lizkapiloto, love birds watercolour 
7. AdventuresWithLight, geology art
8. AdventuresWithLight, oars
9. BreadAndCircuses, seascape 

So, Here we are, today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces on Etsy; above but also offer some art inspiration for your home!

Now, trust me when I say if you haven't visited Etsy yet, go and do it! I would say now but I know all too well that you'll need more than 5 minutes - you will get lost in a wonderful world! And as for art, original work at some great prices, this designer will certainly be shopping here! Oh, I'm also very aware I'm yet to show you my favourite rugs!! Will do, sorry! Something to look forward too. X

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  1. I love those! Amazing art wall inspirations!!!