Sunday, 30 October 2011

Antique Treasures and Hot Chocolate!

Sunday is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. I've noticed that Sunday evening I actually have time to blog, it is also the one day I refuse to work after recently working 13 hour days and 6 days a week.

There is something about Sunday that is more relaxed, a slower pace of life which I love.

This morning I awoke to a warm and quiet house. Twinkle lights providing a warm ambience in contrast to the grey outdoors and a new design magazine which I've been wanting to read for a week. After a slow morning at home my husband and I ventured out to the antique shops, we are fortunate enough to live locally to a wonderful antique 'warehouse' filled with beautiful treasures over 4 floors. And I always find that the day when you are looking for nothing you find everything.

You may all be aware with my little obsession with crates? Well, I finally got one! A beautiful crate which we have already turned into an extra side table. Creatively used with space for my ever expanding magazine collection.

I have also been keeping my eye out for a glass cake stand to display on my dressing table to be adorned with pearls and perfume bottles and you guessed it, my cake stand is now taking pride of place on my dressing table.

But, the piece that stole the show, our new victorian 'kitchen table' however I am using it as my new work desk! Our spare bedroom is both a bedroom and office but due to my increasing work load I need a bigger space. So, after much deliberation and a gentle nudge from my husband I have decided to store the bed away and create a big work space which I am actually very excited about, especially as my sewing machine will have a permanent home and easy access for crafty fun. I'll update some photos once we have collected!

To finish our trip we took a walk and ended up in a cosy pub with hot chocolate, now if this isn't a perfect Sunday I don't know what is?

I hope you have all had a great weekend? But now I am off to finish my cup of tea and biscuits with this little monster, Bobby Cat has the right idea for a Sunday night. x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

91 Magazine

Good Evening blogger friends, is it dark, wet and windy where you are too? Well, do not fret as I have something that will brighten up your evening. Today saw the launch of the new online 91 Magazine.

I managed to find a little time for a hot chocolate and a browse through this fabulous magazine. Last month saw the launch of the wonderful Heart Home Mag and now we have another quarterly online magazine, I am excited! My only wish is that I could read them monthly, too greedy? Perhaps, but doesn't that say something great about these online mags.

91 Magazine is filled with the most beautiful images filling you with inspiration, hints, tips, interiors and crafts. I have collated some of my favourite parts for you to have a sneak peek.

Isn't this fairy light garland the prettiest project. I am currently trying to work out where I can hang some in my own home. If you want to see more of these beautiful images or more pretty projects take a look at the blog Hey Gorgeous. It is most certainly going on my blog roll!

I love this wallpaper too! and if all these images don't brighten your evening I am not sure what will.

91 Magazine is filled with more beautiful images so why not click here and take a look. In the meantime, back to work for me and later, a real read through this magazine.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you are all having a great afternoon on this sunny autumn day?

Today is a quick blog post; I feel very guilty that I have not been blogging recently but I am on a tight deadline for not 1 but 2 projects. And after being whisked away last weekend on a surprise trip to Rome to celebrate our first wedding anniversary I have even less time to spare for blogging.

However, Rome was so amazing I had to share these images with you! Well that and the fact I needed to escape from work and where better to escape than these beautiful reminders of last weekend? It is an absolutely breathtaking city and has gone straight to the top of my 'most beautiful places' list! I can honestly say each corner we turned was more stunning than the last, if you have not yet been blessed with a trip to Rome I would highly recommend you try and explore this city one day.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Creative Weekend

Happy Sunday evening everyone, what have you all been up to this weekend? I would love to know.

Yesterday morning I woke up and must have been bitten by an extra strong creative bug overnight! I could not wait to start work on some projects and had an urge to go out buying all sorts of accessories and fabrics as I was buzzing with ideas so took my mum shopping for the afternoon on a treasure hunt for all that is beautiful.

Today I awoke filled with baking ideas, much to my husbands delight. I absolutely adore baking but have not had the time recently and I also have the problem of once there baked, I eat! So this afternoon I whisked together some cakes while cooking camembert (stuffed with garlic & rosemary) and warm bread for lunch and flitting through magazines pulling out pages for new mood boards.

I thought i'd leave you all with some images of my scrumptious cakes, which were a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and chocolate marble topped with a chocolate frosting and wish you all a delightful Sunday night. x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I Love Barn Doors

Hiya! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, an e-commerce website that features top home decor trends from across the globe. I've been a subscriber of Martha Stewart since before I could read and I have always loved interior design, so you can imagine how excited I was when I got this gig and could write about home decor for a living! I get inspired by great blogs like Dream Box, and I can't thank owner Laura Adkin enough for letting me guest post here today. Thanks Laura!

I love barn doors. They're rustic and full of personality, and somehow they seamlessly mesh with any space and any home decor design. They can be used to replace existing doors, as a room divider, as a piece of wall art, or even integrated into furniture. Here are eight more reasons why I love barn doors.

Old with a twist

Barn Doors
This refurbished barn door has been mounted onto a modern-day track system, and can easily slide open to reveal a butler's pantry in this traditional kitchen.

Pulling double-duty

Barn Doors
Another barn door on a track, this time the barn door acts as a partition to separate a kitchen, pantry, as well as a home office. The painted brown wood of the door matches the cabinetry.

At the head of the bed

Barn Doors
Like an accent wall, wall art, and a headboard all in one, these reclaimed barn doors give this mod bedroom a touch of dated past.

Worn and weathered

Barn Doors
Although this barn door has clearly had a bumpy life, it becomes the centrepiece of this kitchen when surrounded by fun chalkboard walls.

Trusty tabletop

Barn Doors
While this barn door was once used outdoors, it becomes a unique coffee tabletop indoors, lending a shabby chic feel to the space.

Call of the hall

Barn Doors
Double barn doors become the perfect room divider and slide open in a dramatic way to reveal a formal living room. Home accessories like an antler chandelier and bold striped rug complete this wilderness look.

Red and inviting

Barn Doors
A sleek red barn door and wrought-iron hardware come together in a distinctly industrial way, adding visual impact to the space.

Nice in a nursery

Barn Doors
A barn door provides the perfect backdrop for a retro baby's room, and has been mounted with a light fixture as well as a beaded banner.

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What's your †favorite barn door? Comments are welcome! Get over to Arcadian Home Decor for more home decor to match your favorite door!