Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Peek into my Home

You have probably heard me say this before but I love looking at other peoples home. On more than one occasion I have been caught having a little glance through someones window as I'm walking past!

With that in mind, I thought i'd share with you some of the things I love in my home at the moment!

I love my coffee table filled with books and flowers!

Our Kitchen shelf was a gift from Jamie parents, sanded and painted I love it and it is filled some very special items including corkscrew and coin from our wedding morning, Mrs & Mrs wedding gift, Wicker hearts were our pew ends! I also especially like the tin can with is currently housing some flowers picked from the garden.

New oil bottles, a gift from Jamie's parents Sunday! We love cooking. I love my jars out with homemade labels and my new flowers.

We brought the mirror from an antique shop and was an absolute bargain, I love it. Our bed was a wedding gift and was exactly what I dreamed of and you've seen my newly refurbished chest of drawers!

I hope you've enjoyed the guilt free pleasure of snooping at someone else's home! I have some big ideas for our home as we have not yet decorated all the rooms but for now, these are some parts that I love!

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