Saturday, 16 April 2011

How To..... Revive old furniture

I brought a stunning dressing table 6 months ago from so I had somewhere to get ready on the morning of my wedding but I did not invest in a new chair, instead I used an old dining chair that had seen better days. I have finally found some time and I have painted the chair to give it a new lease of life.

If you have any old furniture, don't give up on it just yet, likewise, don't be scared of buying cheap, old furniture, it still has the ability to be beautiful. And if you are a fan of shabby chic like I am, you will love this look!

1. Sand it down thoroughly using fine sandpaper. If it's unpainted, check to see if it has any knots. If it does, apply a coat of knotting solution over them and allow that to dry.

2. Clean and prime the surface to create the right conditions for painting. Use a little white spirit and a lint-free cloth to clean the surface and remove any dust.

3. Paint it with water-based acrylic paint as this dries quicker and has less odour than solvent-based paints. Apply two coats, letting the first dry before applying the second. Use a large brush for the main surfaces and a smaller one for fiddly areas.

It could not be easier, I love it so much I am now starting on my kitchen chairs! I'll post some pictures when I am done!

Happy painting.

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  1. I love what you have done with it, it looks so pretty the perfect place for any girl to get ready.I have just started on an old unit my mother in law was shamefully throwing out. I want to paint & distress it, I have no idea what Ill do with it when its finished I just fancied the challenge. Sanding down has commenced but think with everything being so manic presently this wont be a quick project lol

  2. Thank you Sarah, I adore my bedroom and this was the perfect finishing touch. I have also inherited a chest of drawers which a friend was throwing so need to find time to work on this too and fit some beautiful handles. Good luck, I would love to see some pictures when your done. It is great transforming something into a work of beauty! If only it didn't take so long. x