Monday, 18 April 2011

Atlantic Health & Spa

Over the past few days I have been extremely good when it comes to keeping to my gym regime. I am sure that all you business owners out there will appreciate that it is hard trying to squeeze in some gym time!
Since our wedding in October, the amazing honeymoon and then Christmas 6 weeks later I have been spoilt when it comes to food and will be the first to admit that I have added a few unwanted pounds, another dilema I am sure you are familiar with. The time has finally come, Spring is here and summer only around the corner, I need to find my bikini body.
My husband is a huge Arsenal supporter so yesterday we were going to spend the afternoon with his mum and dad watching the match, however Jamie's mum had the fantastic idea that we should visit her gym, Atlantic Health and spa for a workout and a swim, some girl time. When we arrived it was actually cheaper to have a weekly pass than a day pass so we went for the weekly! We then proceeded to spend 2.5hrs in the gym, swimming, in the jacuzzi and steam room. Tonight, I have been back and for another 2 hours, in the gym, swimming and revitalizing myself, trying to find happiness with my body again!!!! So, moving onto the point of this blog, I wanted to show you the Atlantic Health and Spa and why I have spent so much time there, if you can exercise in surroundings like this every day wouldn't it make the gym more appealing?

The fact that my dream home is a barn conversion and that this is where I spent my hen day relaxing with family and friends only makes it more special and leaving me wanting to stay there forever! I guess I will have to make do with 1 week only here, then it is back to the regular gym in town!


Pool and Jacuzzi to the Right



View from the Gym

View of the sunset

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