Friday, 27 April 2012

Guest Blog!

Today I am guest blogging for Sarah over at Finishing Touch Interiors, I am continuing with my monthly colour psychology series and as the weather has been rather gloomy of late I thought that yellow would be perfect to bring a little sunshine into your day.

So, if you are feeling a little glum, why not pop over to Finishing Touch Interiors and I can guarantee that yellow will put a spring in your step.

And remember to 'smile' It's Friday!

Pretty Little Garden

Today's weather forecast, overcast grey skies, slow-moving downpours developing, (scrap that, as I am typing, heavens opened) with hail and thunder possible but........ it's OK because it is Friday and I am thinking forward to those beautiful sunny days with long evenings filled with good food, wine and friends.

That said, I hope the sunny weather comes soon because I have some pretty plans for my garden this year, starting with my shed and I really want to get to work! Mother nature has tested my shed over the years, it is now a bruised and battered shade of brown so I going to paint it a pastel green, maybe blue, I am still deciding, with a pretty curtain and draped in my homemade bunting.

A new patio for dining with friends in those long, dusky evenings with some fairy lights adding a touch of magic is on the cards................ beautiful pots filled with flowers...........(I am going for low maintainance as I do not have alot of time for gardening and I would rather enjoy and relax)............ Our picket fence has also been through hard times, heavy wind, rain and snow so I am going to paint it white, a real white picket fence!

Roll on summer! *sun dance*

I hope these images provide some inspiration for what's to come and brighten your day.

Happy Friday.

Images: Pinterest

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mood Board - Luxury Bedroom

Client brief: A bedroom to be designed around a black bed, with a feminine and luxury feel. A feature wall is desired and the space is small.

With a black bed you might think that creating a feminine space is a difficult ask? I have chosen a colour scheme of black, taupe and gold which although is not immediately feminine it is certainly a glamorous and sophisticated colour scheme. I have introduced mirrored furniture and French inspired furniture into the room to create a more feminine feel, and with the introduction of lighting and finishing touches such as flowers and cushions, you can be sure that the room has a more elegant feel. The clever use of mirrored furniture and mirrors behind bedside tables will also give the illusion of space reflecting light around the room.

If you would like to see more inspiring mood boards, please click here and visit my facebook page.

Laura. x

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Colour Psychology - Purple

I have currently been working on a new project for an award winning beauty salon in Suffolk, which has inspired this months colour psychology post. Purple!

Purple is strongly associated with royalty and wealth, symbolising extravagence and richness making it a perfect choice for clients looking for glamour, luxury and sophistication.

Grey and taupe shades compliment this colour beautifully and enhance that feeling of glamour and luxury and the darker the shades the more sultry and mysterious.

Because purple is a symbolic color in religions across many cultures and eras it is also known to portray feelings of spirituality, serenity and thoughtfulness, perfect for bedrooms!

Tip: To avoid overpowering a room with purple, use it as an accent colour.

Wishing you all a happy Monday. x

Images: Pinterest