Friday, 27 April 2012

Pretty Little Garden

Today's weather forecast, overcast grey skies, slow-moving downpours developing, (scrap that, as I am typing, heavens opened) with hail and thunder possible but........ it's OK because it is Friday and I am thinking forward to those beautiful sunny days with long evenings filled with good food, wine and friends.

That said, I hope the sunny weather comes soon because I have some pretty plans for my garden this year, starting with my shed and I really want to get to work! Mother nature has tested my shed over the years, it is now a bruised and battered shade of brown so I going to paint it a pastel green, maybe blue, I am still deciding, with a pretty curtain and draped in my homemade bunting.

A new patio for dining with friends in those long, dusky evenings with some fairy lights adding a touch of magic is on the cards................ beautiful pots filled with flowers...........(I am going for low maintainance as I do not have alot of time for gardening and I would rather enjoy and relax)............ Our picket fence has also been through hard times, heavy wind, rain and snow so I am going to paint it white, a real white picket fence!

Roll on summer! *sun dance*

I hope these images provide some inspiration for what's to come and brighten your day.

Happy Friday.

Images: Pinterest


  1. Very inspired! I love these pics. It is pouring rain here too, and this is definitely what I needed x

  2. Nice post ! I think Friday gone superb for you. Your images is superb. That was amazing time for you with sunny days long evenings filled with good food, wine and friends. I really like this type environment.

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  3. Garden party season is almost here, thanks for the nice inspiration.