Friday, 7 December 2012

New Branding, New Look and a New Website!

Super excited!

I have been absent, again! I'm sorry, but with good reason.

Wait for it.............

I have been working hard designing my new WEBSITE
Yes, my first website! And It is LIVE! Now! Da-Dah!

Please feel free to go have have a peek: and let me know your thoughts! The portfolio page is still in the design stages, but I have some exciting projects coming soon!

With my website launching it was a good time to take a look at all my other pages too so you may have noticed my new branding rolling out across my blog, facebook page and Twitter.

Twitter: DreamBoxID

Please come and visit me, don't be shy! I love chatting away with all my followers and offering help and advice where I can.

I promise not to wait so long until my next blog post! I have a couple of projects I want to share with you, I am currently renovating my own kitchen (another reason for being away) and want to share this too plus it's Christmas - I love Christmas! I need to start sharing Christmas inspiration.

Don't go to far! I'll be back before you know it!


  1. How are you doing, Laura? I do hope you're in tiptop condition. I just visited your website, and after browsing some of your blog posts here, I can say that it is astounding. The designs are cleaned professionally, and it was very easy to navigate. On your portfolio, some are still on "coming soon.” I'm really looking forward to see more, for I'm dying to see your masterpiece. Anyway, I'm just a message away. I'm hoping to hear from you. ~ CIAO

  2. Hello, Laura! I’m so happy to have dropped by your blog. This is really remarkable! On top of that, I just recently viewed the website, and your work are really stupendous! Your website is really easy to navigate, but I do hope that you’ll add more to it.

  3. I love your website, Laura! I already had a glimpse of your services even without opening your services page. It’s also nice to see that your posts and details are updated. Hope you’ve been enjoying the fruits of your fantastic sites. How are you now? :)