Monday, 6 August 2012

My Garden Shed - Transformation

Back in April I blogged about inspirational garden sheds and the plans I had in store for my very own garden, if you missed the blog you can catch up here!

Well, since then we have had one week filled with sunshine and Yes! I managed to spend the week in the garden transforming it into a space we can share with friends and family. A place we can relax and enjoy and a weight feels like it has been lifted off of my shoulders now I have completed the garden and no longer feel guilty looking at the jungle it was.

After mowing the grass, weeding, cleaning boarders, 6 trips to the rubbish tip with skip sized sacks and cutting trees, I finally got to start decorating my garden, painting the shed a shade of 'willow' making and hanging bunting and planting flowers, we even got to spend some time enjoying breakfast in the garden before the weather turned again!

There is still work I want to finish, such as making our small patio larger and extending it to the back of the shed and I need to fill the boarders with shrubs and plant more pots but I am amazed with how much we managed to do in one week, isn't it amazing what some hard work can achieve! Now, if only the sunshine would return so we can enjoy a few more evenings and weekends enjoying our hard work!


  1. Nice work, dear how did you paint shed a shade of 'willow'?

    Kind Regards.

  2. Thank you, the paint colour was called 'willow' it's a very pretty colour. Laura. X

  3. I am really very impressed by the way you have transformed your garden shade. It looks really awesome and is well designed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aww such adorable and cozy place. No wonder that a lot of homeowners are soo into sheds just for personal space purposes aside of course for storage.

  5. That is perfection defined in a shed. Impressive transformation you have there! Kudos and thanks for sharing your re-do tips.